Clint Frazier & the Blog Challenge, IT’S ON

Well sometimes I open my mouth before I speak and today my mouth(or at least my typing) may have run a bit wild. Today I came up with an idea, no more like a challenge, to Clint Frazier. Yeah I’m talking about THE @Clintfrazierr and the challenge I threw out to him today was this. If I can get 2,000 blog hits in the month of February then Clint will do a question and answer with me on my blog. 

So here is my ask to you. If you could re-tweet this post and ensure that your followers also help spread the word and check out my blog then we can make this happen. You may have googled Clint Frazier and ended up on this blog page and if so welcome. If you are a regular viewer and supporter of my blog I’d like to thank you in advance for your help. 

The purpose behind the challenge to Clint, which he graciously accepted immediately by the way, was to engage a young athlete with fans around the world. I know that Clint is young, he has the future ahead of him, but perhaps having a chance to have a down to earth conversation with a blogger that’s simply a fan of Clint might kinda fun. I don’t ask that Clint signs anything for me, I don’t ask that he mention me in anything else he does nor do I have any aspirations of becoming a full time blogger. The point for me as a collector is to find a simple way to connect and share my love of collecting with others that either don’t have the time to blog and for those that havent had a chance to connect via twitter with Clint.

Again thank you all of you for helping me a long on this fun challenge and I look forward to hearing from all of you what questions (10 of them) that you’d like me to ask Clint. The contest starts Feb 1st and ends Feb 28th.

Cheers, and wish me luck, MikeImage


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